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DR150 utility paver

The Ditch Runner utility Pavers are designed to make asphalt patching, and utility paving faster and more profitable by reducing labor time. Asphalt companies know that asphalt patching is the highest price per ton you can get. You can speed up production and significantly improve profits. With the DR-150 you can make these jobs even more profitable!

Standard Features

  • 1/4” Heavy Duty Steel Construction.
  • Easy Adjustable width from 24”- 48”
  • Paving Depths –2.5” – 8.5”
  • Independent adjustment depth screws.
  • Side shoes adjustable 0” – 5”
  • Easily adapts and clamps to any skid-steer bucket.

Over 2000 ton per day with two lifts! The most versatile paver that is great for utility patching, railroad work, parking lot repairs. Road skips for county and city roads (and DOT).